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'Our Last Hope' was a tiny tabletop RPG produced over the course of 48 hours for The Micro-RPG Jam

How will the crew represent humanity? Can everyone get along as the final humans in the galaxy? Will they make it to their final destination? Find out the answers and more in 'Our Last Hope'!

The original .txt version of the game is comprised of only two hundred words (203 words if the title is included!) and is designed for short, repeated and unique sessions.

The 'revised' version of the game in .pdf format expands upon the original .txt entry by elaborating where needed, fixing sentence flow and providing a premade notes sheet for easy printing and playing. It's still very short however, consisting of only two mandatory A4 pages!

Additional information will be added later, but can also be found in the devlogs and discussion board.

Install instructions

Download and open OurLastHope.txt with your favourite text editor!

Download and open OurLastHopeRevised.pdf with your favourite PDF reader!


OurLastHope.txt 1 kB
OurLastHopeRevised.pdf 297 kB

Development log